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Quality Assurance Objectives For 2015 - Quality Assurance Objectives - Quality and Certification - ompany - Dneprospetsstal
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Quality Assurance Objectives For 2015

1. Certification Objectives:

• To confirm that the Quality Management System at the enterprise is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 during compliance certification.

• To recertify metal products for pressure vessels according to the requirements of the European Directive 97/23/EG and AD 2000 Merkblatt W0 Code.

• To certify stainless steel production for shipbuilding according to DNV Rules.

2. Process Improving Objectives:

• To introduce in the SMS-3 the technology of final deoxidation of structural steel of type 42() with wire filled with silicocalcium powder.

• To develop and implement a thorough production technology of rolled products and forgings from super duplex steels.

• To develop a technology for electrodes production For high-temperature alloys and its VAR of 1.25 t and 2.2 t in weight, of 300 mm and 390 mm in diameter, poured into molds without hot top.

• To repair at least 4 pits of slow cooling in the rolling mill.

3. Quality Enhancing Objectives:

• To reduce:

• company’s total rejection losses for 20% comparing to specified;

• sorting out of rolled product of steels 20-4013 according to stress cracks by means of cooling technique optimization and passing of metal for annealing- min in two times;

• sorting out according to micropores and tearings at lakes in rolled products of high-carbon tool steel 141 from mill 1050/950 – min in two times.

4. Procurement Objectives:

• To deliver pilot lot of the moulds without hot top for production of 4.3-t ingots made in Poland by firm «Krakodlev»

• To buy a chill mould without hot top with weighing 2,3 t in order to exclude a «Crown» defect at remelting of heat-resistant steel.

5. Human Resources Management Objectives:

• To ensure the growth of labor productivity in the enterprise due to the rational use of human resources and implementation of shift task management system: on 3%

• To hold the certification of personnel for compliance with the official capacity of divisions: materiel and technical support, IT, finance and economy.

• To conduct refresher courses for masters, chief foremen and those who substitute them in departments: CPE Dpt., MM Dpt., QC Dpt., Railway Shop, CME shop, MT Shop, PP Shop and CW.

• To achieve the quality indicators of training:

at workers retraining in the production of not less than 1.76

at advanced training not less than 1.26

• To provide:

effectiveness of training not less than 0,98

personnel lapse factor in 2015 max 7,0%


Acting Chairman of the Board

PJSC Dneprospetsstal

V.N. Kornievsky

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